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Bethlehem, U.S.A., 2013 

Bethlehem, a quiet town in eastern Pennsylvania, was once the headquarters of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, a 96-year-old company that provided steel for the nation, from the Empire State Building to the Golden Gate Bridge. In 1995, the Bethlehem plant ceased production and in 2001, the company declared bankruptcy. While parts of the large property remain fenced off and abandoned, new businesses are moving in, and the site has become a tourist destination. These eighteen color photographs examine the life and death of industrial America. Separated into two grids, the steelworkers in their personal spaces are juxtaposed with the images of their former workplace, the decaying steel property.

Along with this series of photographs, I examined the life cycle of Bethlehem Steel from different generational points of view in a 30-minute documentary entitled Bethlehem, U.S.A.

Barbara Raykos, 2011
Dennis Pearson, 2012
George Pinkey, 2011
Steve Tusan, 2012
Joe Raykos, 2011
Richie Check, 2011
William Deegan, 2012
Joseph Deegan, 2012
Stanley Gralski, 2012
Bethlehem Steel, 2012
Stacks, 2012
Alloy Finishing, 2012
Main Gate, 2012
Underground Engine Room, 2012
Grind Shop, 2012
Power House, 2012
Iron Foundry, 2012
From the City, 2012
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